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29 Aug

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Georgia About

Gonio fortress (Georgian: გონიოს ციხე) is a well preserved Roman fortification in Ajara, on the Black sea coast. Located on the left bank of the River Chorokhi the fortress is 12 km south of Batumi and just 4 km from the border with Turkey. The site is believed to hold the tomb of the Apostle Mathew – one of Christ’s disciples – but has yet to be fully excavated.

The fortress is rectangular (195/245 meters) with a gate on each side but only the western gate is open. There are a total of 18 towers along the walls, including 4 main towers at each corner of the fortress.

Archaeological excavations began in the 1960’s and have revealed remains of a Roman bathhouse, a 1st c AD water supply system, roads and pavements, and also amphorae, red gloss ceramics and coins.

Gonio Fortress_17

The site is closely connected to the myth of the Argonauts. According to legend…

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